Episode 20 – Courtney And Cody Watch Your Name

Courtney & Cody discuss Your Name in their VERY FIRST MOBILE RECORD! Topics covered include: butter pecan syrup, the people’s kink, & christian traditions.


2 thoughts on “Episode 20 – Courtney And Cody Watch Your Name”

  1. It’s true Lawndale is a place where people only work. Since you called me out can I recommend an anime? Too bad I’m recommending one anyway: Baby Steps. -That Guy From Lawndale

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    1. Hey guy from lawndale! sorry it took forever to get back to you. we haven’t checking the wordpress. We’re still learning how to use it. you could say we are taking BABY STEPS~!
      but for reals, yeah we will totally do that show. thank you so much for the feedback.
      enjoy your workplace!


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