Episode 40 – Courtney And Cody Watch Kill la Kill 3

Courtney & Cody finish their Kill la Kill coverage. Topics covered include: double brunching, text message deceit, & utilitarian blankets.

2 thoughts on “Episode 40 – Courtney And Cody Watch Kill la Kill 3”

  1. cant believe that yall are out here throwing shade at the best ps1 final fantasy and a top 5 overall ff (tactics doesnt count because thats unfair to the rest of them). for the past two weeks the theme song has been popping into my head at very inopportune times and i will do the DUN DUN DUN part out loud without realizing it. also i forget what episode it was but joe flacco is only elite at having bad eyebrows and being boring. if youre still taking requests, the new tiger mask w is fun and kinnikuman is real solid and goofy (but you should skip the first arc (and the sequel gave us the best 4kids theme there is)) but you shouldnt listen to me because i only watch bad things directly related or adjacent to japanese professional wrestling


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